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Mouad Edderkaoui, PhD

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Mouad Edderkaoui, PhD

The goal of my research is to understand the mechanism of pancreatic cancer initiation and progression and to develop a treatment strategy for the disease. We focus on the role of cells present in the tumor microenvironment and how histone deacetylases (HDACs) regulate the interaction between these cells.

  • American Association for Cancer Research, 2008
  • American Pancreatic Association, 2011
  • Associate Editor: Frontiers in Science, Current
  • Hirshberg Foundation Award, 2012
  • NIH Career Development Award, 2011
  • Edderkaoui M, Hong P, Lee JK, Pandol SJ, Gukovskaya AS: Insulin-like growth factor-I receptor mediates the prosurvival effect of fibronectin. J. Biol. Chem., 282(37): 26646-55, 2007
  • Edderkaoui M, Lugea A, Hui H, Eibl G, Lu QY, Moro A, Lu X, Li G, Go VL, Pandol SJ: Ellagic acid and embelin affect key cellular components of pancreatic adenocarcinoma, cancer, and stellate cells. Nutr Cancer, 65(8): 1232-44, 2013
  • Edderkaoui M, Nitsche C, Zheng L, Pandol SJ, Gukovsky I, Gukovskaya AS: NADPH oxidase activation in pancreatic cancer cells is mediated through Akt-dependent up-regulation of p22phox. The Journal of biological chemistry, 286(10): 7779-87, 2010
  • Nitsche C, Edderkaoui M, Moore RM, Eibl G, Kasahara N, Treger J, Grippo PJ, Mayerle J, Lerch MM, Gukovskaya AS: The phosphatase PHLPP1 regulates Akt2, promotes pancreatic cancer cell death, and inhibits tumor formation. Gastroenterology, 142(2): 377-87.e1-5, 2011
  • Pandol SJ, Apte MV, Wilson JS, Gukovskaya AS, Edderkaoui M: The burning question: why is smoking a risk factor for pancreatic cancer?. Pancreatology, 12(4): 344-9, 2012
  • Park CH, Lee IS, Grippo P, Pandol SJ, Gukovskaya AS, Edderkaoui M: Akt kinase mediates the prosurvival effect of smoking compounds in pancreatic ductal cells. Pancreas, 42(4): 655-62, 2013

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