Mehrnoosh Ghiam, PhD

Assistant Professor, Surgery

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Mehrnoosh Ghiam, PhD

Assistant Professor, Surgery

Mehrnoosh Ghiam, PhD, specializes in identifying specific molecular corneal defects associated with corneal pathological conditions such as diabetes. Her work employs a variety of molecular, functional tests and ex-vivo human organ-cultured corneas to understand the role of microRNAs in both the differentiated epithelial and stem cells of normal, and diabetic corneas and their roles in driving peripheral activation of limbal stem cells in normal and diseased corneas.

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  • Master's: California State University, Northridge, 1995
  • Doctorate: UCLA, 2007

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  • Scientific Review Committee, Dr. Ralph and Marian Falk Medical Research Trust Awards, 2015-present
  • Young Investigator Representative, ISER Council, 2015-17
  • Member, International Society of Eye Research (ISER), 2006-present
  • Member, Association for Research in Vision and Opthalmology (ARVO), 2000-present
  • NEI ARVO Travel Award, 2009
  • UCLA Dissertation Fellowship, 2006-07
  • Retinal Degeneration (RD) 2006 Young Investigator Award, 2006
  • International Society of Eye Research (ISER) 2006 Young Investigator Award, 2006
  • National Institute of Health (NIH/ NEI) Training Grant, 2000-05

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  • Funari VA, Winkler MA, Brown J, Dimitrijevich SD, Ljubimov AV, Saghizadeh M. Differentially expressed wound healing-related microRNAs in the human diabetic cornea. PLoS One. 2013;8(12);e84425.
  • Saghizadeh M, Epifantseva I, Hemmati D, Ghiam C, Dib C, Brunken WJ, Ljubimov AV. Enhanced wound healing, kinase and stem cell marker expression in diabetic organ-cultured human corneas upon MMP-10 and cathepsin F gene silencing. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 2013;54(13):8172-8180.
  • Sareen D,* Saghizadeh M,* Ornelas L, Rostamiani K, Winkler MA, Narwani K, Sahabian A, Spurka L, Tang J, Funari VA, Rabinowitz YS, Svendsen CN,* Ljubimov AV.* Differentiation of human limbal-derived induced pluripotent stem cells into limbal-like epithelium. Stem Cells Transl Med. 2014;3(9):1002-1012. *equal contribution
  • Saghizadeh M, Dib CM, Brunken WJ, Ljubimov AV. Normalization of Wound Healing and Stem Cell Marker Patterns in Organ-Cultured Human Diabetic Corneas by Gene Therapy of Limbal Cells. Exp Eye Res. 2014;129:66-73.
  • Winkler MA, Dib C, Ljubimov AV, Saghizadeh M. Targeting miR-146a to treat delayed wound healing in human diabetic organ-cultured corneas. PLoS One. 2014;9(12):e114692.
  • Ljubimov AV, Saghizadeh M. Progress in corneal wound healing. Prog Retin Eye Res. 2015;49:17-45.

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