Janine Bilsborough, PhD

Director, Inflammatory Bowel Disease Drug Discovery & Development

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Janine Bilsborough, PhD

Director, Inflammatory Bowel Disease Drug Discovery & Development

Janine Bilsborough, PhD, leads the Inflammatory Bowel Disease Drug Discovery and Development unit. This unit, nicknamed 3D, is uniquely positioned to interface with industry partners to aid in discovery of potential therapeutic targets, optimization of successful drug development through patient stratification, and rescue or repurposing of failed drugs through identification of drug-responsive patient populations. The drug discovery and development unit is dedicated to predicting the success of future therapeutics through personalized medicine. Bilsborough has worked in biotech and biopharma for 12 years. Her role in the industry has included directing discovery research and drug development teams in their efforts to develop therapeutics against diseases such as atopic dermatitis, asthma, systemic lupus erythematosus and inflammatory bowel disease. Bilsborough has a PhD in immunology from the University Queensland, Australia, and is focused on the development of successful therapeutics for inflammatory diseases.

  • Doctorate: Queenlsand Institue for Medical Research, 1996
  • Post Doctorate: Ludwigh Institute for Cancer Research, 2000
  • Post Doctorate: Immunex Corporation, 2002
  • Dillon SR, Sprecher C, Hammond A, Bilsborough J, Rosenfeld-Franklin M, Presnell SR, Haugen HS, Maurer M, Harder B, Johnston J, et al. Interleukin 31, a cytokine produced by activated T cells, induces dermatitis in mice. Nat Immunol. 2004 Jul;5(7):752-760.
  • Wilk JN, Bilsborough J, Viney JL. The mdr1a-/- mouse model of spontaneous colitis: a relevant and appropriate animal model to study inflammatory bowel disease. Immunol Res. 2005;31(2):151-159.
  • Bilsborough J, Leung DY, Maurer M, Howell M, Boguniewicz M, Yao L, Storey H, LeCiel C, Harder B, Gross JA. IL-31 is associated with cutaneous lymphocyte antigen-positive skin homing T cells in patients with atopic dermatitis. J Allergy Clin Immunol. 2006 Feb;117(2):418-425.
  • Bilsborough J, Chadwick E, Mudri S, Ye X, Henderson WR Jr, Waggie K, Hebb L, Shin J, Rixon M, Gross JA, et al. TACI-Ig prevents the development of airway hyperresponsiveness in a murine model of asthma. Clin Exp Allergy. 2008 Dec;38(12):1959-1968.
  • Grimstad O, Sawanobori Y, Vestergaard C, Bilsborough J, Olsen UB,Grønhøj-Larsen C, Matsushima K. Anti-interleukin-31-antibodies ameliorate scratching behaviour in NC/Nga mice: a model of atopic dermatitis. Exp Dermatol. 2009 Jan;18(1):35-43.
  • Bilsborough J, Mudri S, Chadwick E, Harder B, Dillon SR. IL-31 receptor(IL-31RA) knockout mice exhibit elevated responsiveness to oncostatin M. JImmunol. 2010 Nov 15;185(10):6023-6030.

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