Jlenia Guarnerio, MS, PhD

Jlenia Guarnerio, MS, PhD

The research focus of Jlenia Guarnerio, MS, PhD, is to understand the molecular and cellular mechanisms of cancer. She is investigating both cell-autonomous mechanisms responsible for cancer progression (e.g., tumor genetics), as well as the non-cell-autonomous ones (e.g., factors derived from the tumor microenvironment). She combines techniques of RNA-sequencing, molecular biology and Crispr/Cas9 technologies, together with the use of mouse models. Her ultimate goal is to identify novel therapeutic interventions for cancer and new strategies of precision medicine.

  • Doctorate: University San Raffaele, 2012
  • Post Doctorate: Harvard Medical School, 2018
  • American Association of Cancer Research, 2014
  • K99/R00 Pathway to Independence Award, 2016
  • American Italian Cancer Foundation (AICF), 2013

Click here for a list of peer-reviewed publications.

  • Schiering C, Guarnerio J, Basso V, Muzio L, and Mondino A. Antigen-experienced CD4(+) T cells limit naïve T-cell priming in response to therapeutic vaccination in vivo. PMID: 20631073Cancer Res. 2010 Aug 1;70(15):6161-70.
  • Guarnerio J, Coltella N, Ala U, Tonon G, Pandolfi PP, Bernardi R.Bone Marrow endosteal mesenchymal progenitors depend on HIF factors for maintenance and regulation of hematopoiesis. Stem Cell Reports. May;2014. 15;2(6):794-809. PMC4050345
  • Guarnerio J, Riccardi L, Taulli R, Maeda T, Wang G, Hobbs RM, Song MS, Sportoletti P, Bernardi R, Bronson RT, Castillo-Martin M, Cordon-Cardo C, Lunardi A, Pandolfi PP.A genetic platform to model sarcomagenesis from primary adult mesenchymal stem cells. Cancer Discov. 2015 Apr;5(4):396-40. PMC4418175
  • Guarnerio J, Bezzi M, Jeong JC, Paffenholz SV, Berry K, Naldini MM, Lo-Coco F, Tay Y, Beck AH, Pandolfi PP.Oncogenic role of aberrant fusion-circRNAs derived from cancer associated chromosomal translocations. Cell. 2016 Apr 7;165(2):289-302. PMID: 27040497
  • Guarnerio J, Mendez LM, Asada N, Menon AV, Fung J, Berry K, Frenette PS, Ito K, Pandolfi PP. A non-cell-autonomous role for Pml in the maintenance of leukemia from the niche. Nat Commun. 2018;9:66. PMC5754357

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